Your weakness may limit your movement. But your creativity will help you out and survive.

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Having flaws is normal for humans. Nobody is perfect. On the other hand, Let’s thank god for his justice, He is very fair by giving bidders in the form of strengths for humans. Things that make our lives still feel very acceptable if we can look deeper into ourselves.

Having color blindness was initially like a shocking disaster. Because actually, the world I see is colorful. I can recognize blue, green, red, orange without any problems. Everything was normal until finally 8 years ago when I decided to enroll in a chemical vocational high school. They require me to take…

How to step up your design consultancy game

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Designer life is a collection of learnings and stories based on real-life experiences of product designers. What is written may or may not resonate with you. Please take it with a grain of salt πŸ§‚πŸ‘Œ

IT Consultants, Digital Agency, or whatever it is generally called, are often closely related to work that is piling up, unstructured, have narrow deadlines, to overtime which is quite torturous. But it’s actually not that bad indeed. Working for more than 5 years in the IT Consultant environment gives me a lot of important learning for my career.

Actually, if we learn about various modern methodologies of software development, starting from Waterfall, Agile to Scrum Practice. Of course, these things can actually be improved. Although not as perfect as we expected, it will be very helpful. …

Sopian Gunawan

Live around Digital Product & Experience Design. Working daily as a UI & UX Designer in an IT Consultant. Also currently developing and QUIXDS

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